Activator for Microsoft Office 2013

Activator for Microsoft Office 2013The proposition for two activators supposes call a question «Why, is it not enough one tool?». The answer is simple: it allows you to activate MS Office 2013 Professional more flexible. Both items are available to download by free way from our site.

Difference between these tools is next: the first one does not require too much work. You need only run KMSnano and the rest of job will do automatically. Contrary to that, the Re-Loader tool will ask you to use an activate button.

What is KMS Nano?

KMS Nano is the Activator for Windows 8.1 and Microsoft Office 2013. It is perfect for activation of such operating systems as Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and the latest Microsoft Office 2010 and 2013 assemblies. Nano Activator is completely automated and requires no user intervention.

Main advantage of KMS Nano Activator is in its generality as it may activate several operating systems and programs at the same time. The Program requires NET Framework 4.0. It activates Office 2013 for 180 days. Upon this period expiration You only need to repeat activation using the same activator (Activation in perpetuity is possible).

Download KMS Nano can here:

Download “”:

Microsoft Office 2013 Activation using KMS Nano:

  • Temporally close Windows Defender! and Antivirus;
  • Download an Activator, extract all files from the archive (Password of archivewindows);
  • Install a program;
  • Open “C:\Program Files\KMSNano\Manual.cmd” as the Administrator;
  • Wait till it be activated;

Kms GUI ELDi - activator for Microsoft Office 2013

Another way to activate Office 2013 – Re-Loader Activator:Re-Loader - activator for microsaoft office 2013

We offer the second variant of Microsoft Office 2013 activation using Re-Loader Program – all in one activator for Windows and Microsoft Office (2010, 2013, and 2016). This is a reliable and free activator with large capacities.
Re-Loader is a popular universal activator. You can activate new Windows 10 just in two minutes. It has keys to all Microsoft Office versions. We recommend You to use Re-Loader Activator immediately after new OS 10 installation. Activator was tested on the latest Microsoft Office releases.

Download Re-Loader Office 2013 can here:

Download “”:

Instruction on Microsoft Office 2013 activation using Re-Loader Activator:

  • Temporally close Windows Defender! and Antivirus;
  • Download the Activator from our website;
  • Unpack an archive to any convenient place (Password for archivewindows);
  • Run “[email protected]” File as the Administrator;
  • Click “О15” for a check box and click “Active“;
  • Wait for activation completion;

 Instruction for Re-Loader activator . Activation Word 2013

Screenshot of activated Microsoft Office 2013:

Activated Microsoft Office 2013 by KMS NANO