KMS-Auto Activator for Windows 10

KMS-Auto Activator for Windows 10We offer KMS-Auto Activator. This is an excellent program for Windows 10 OS activation! This is a set of the most vast activation key bases. It guarantees 100% successful activation of your Windows System!

KMS-Auto Lite is a new generation of activators creating an activation server. It activates your Windows 10 for 180 days. Maybe some users don’t like this. However, it is not difficult to open activator in a half a year and click Activation, and then restart the system and nothing more. This will take not more than 3 minutes.

It is expected that this Activator developers will provide early Windows 10 activation by that time! KMS-Auto automatically connects to KMS server and activates the system. If you don’t activate your Windows 10 then a watermark reminding of activation will appear at the lower right hand corner.

KMS-Auto Activator Advantages:

  • Requires no Internet access, just connection to KMS Server;
  • If KMS Server doesn’t operate You just need to reactivate it;
  • KMS Structure is easy and 1 server is able to serve 1,000 persons;
  • It will be the most relevant activator for Windows 10;

Download KMSAuto Lite for activate Windows 10 can here:

Download “”:

KMS-Auto Activator instruction of use:

  • Temporally close Windows Defender! and Antivirus;
  • Download the archived activator;
  • Extract the archived files (Password to archive —windows);
  • Open Activator and press “Activation“-“Activate Windows“;
  • Wait. Restart Windows and your Windows 10 is ready;

activation windows 10 . Instruction for KMS-AUTo activator.

Instruction in video :

Screenshot of Windows 10 activated using KMS-Auto:

windows 10 activated by KMS-AUTO activator

Additional Information:

  • KMSAuto Lite Activator is powerful software. You can activate your Windows and Microsoft Office by single click.
  • This software created by two Russian guys Ratiborus and CoolZoid.
  • KMSAuto is one of the latest and efficient activator rather than other activation software.
  • This software is compatible with the entire version of windows and MS Office as well as for 32-bit and 64-bit.
  • This activator has multi package of features. It has very small size and easy to install. There is no complex method of installation and no need of .NET framework.