KMSAuto Net – Activator Microsoft Office 2019

KMSAuto Net - Activator Microsoft Office 2019

KMSAuto Net – last and free version of activator for Microsoft Office 2019 who can help you with activation in 2 minutes, becouse its easy to use for any user. KMSAuto Net works on the principle of corporate network operating systems. With this activation no network connection or phone calls are required.

You need to establish communication with the KMS server issuing licenses. To configure the server launch, the KMS Auto Net emulator from Ratiborus is used. Our site is completely safe and free, therefore, in order not to infect your system, we advise you to download KMSAuto Net only here.

What will happen if you do not activate Office 2019?

After 30 days, the Office programs will be in reduced functionality mode, which means they will only function as viewers. When Office is running in reduced functionality mode, most of the commands are not available. You cannot create new documents and cannot edit them. You will be able to print documents, but not save them.

What is KMSAuto Net activation for Office 2019?

According to the majority, it is the KMSAuto Net activator that is the most reliable and safe, because when using it, you can download and install system updates and more another functions . Microsoft Office 2019 protection mechanism has a built-in function to re-check activation (every 180 days). KMSAuto Net allows you to bypass this protection by creating a task at startup with the reactivation of the copy of Microsoft Office. The virtual server will be re-created, through which the pirated version of the office is activated.

You are given the opportunity to configure the activator in manual mode, if activation fails in the automatic version. KMSAuto Net is a “high intelligence” activator for the Office 2019, which allows you to select and save certain parameters for the computer on which it has already been launched and carried out activation.
KMSAuto Net Portable is a powerful activator that allows you to use the licensed version of Microsoft Office 2019 for free and without restrictions.

Why is KMSAuto Net for Microsoft Office 2019 the best?

  • Fast activation;
  • Free download;
  • Activation any version of Office and Windows;
  • Fast downloading;
  • Any user easy can make activation in 2 minutes;

Download “”:

Instruction of using KMSAuto activator Microsoft Office 2019:

  • Turn off your Windows Defender and antivirus;
  • Download activator;
  • Extract all files (Password to archive —windows);
  • Open KMSAuto from folder KMSAuto Lite as an administrator;
  • Click “Activate Office“;
  • Restart your PC;

Screenshot of Microsoft Office 2019 activated using KMSAuto:Office 2019 activated for free

Instruction in video :

Additional Information:

Auto – automatic mode, the activator goes through all possible ways to activate the operating system or software. The first suitable one is remembered and used later for subsequent activations. Creates a periodic task in the scheduler and runs through an installed service. This method is installed by default. If you need to reset the memorized activation method, you must switch between the rest of the KMSAuto operation modes, and then return to the automatic mode. Activation methods will be scanned again.

hook – an operation mode in which the activation parameters file is replaced with the changed ones in the file system. After the activation key is received and the license in the operating system is updated, the parameters file is returned to its original state. Later versions of the emulator use RAM to work with activation instead of physically overwriting the file.

winDivert – during the activation operation, a special activation driver is installed into the system together with the control program. This allows you to emulate a remote connection to a KMS server with the subsequent receipt of a license.

noAuto – manual configuration of the software for fine-tuning the activation parameters. Recommended for experienced users and operating system administrators.

TAP – operation mode using a virtual network driver and Ethernet interfaces.